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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the Citizens High School Planner?
Yes. There are no restrictions.
What is the purpose of the course planner?
The purpose of the CHS High School Course Planner is to simplify a process and/or question that has unnecessarily confused parents and students for eons - what classes do I need to take to accomplish my goals?
Can I use the High School Planner at my local high school?
Yes. You can work with your parents or your school counselor to tailor your course selections to meet your graduation and education needs. If your school does not offer the course or courses you need, check Citizens High School searchable course catalog and choose the course you need.
Can I show my High School Plan to my school counselor?
Yes. You can print or send a copy to your local school counselor, parent or fellow student.
Can my parents or friends help me plan my high school degree path?
Yes. We encourage parents to help with building out your high school plan. Please have your parent review "The Complete Guide to High School Planner" and any additional information on the web page under Advice for Parents and Students.
Am I required to purchase anything?
No, the High School Planner is free for anyone to use.
What if my local school does not have the courses that I want to take?
CHS many electives and programs that you can choose from and CHS courses and credit will transfer to your local school. Please review CHS's searchable course catalog for available courses.